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Grant Graves

Grant has been diving for over twenty years and has over 5000 dives.  He is a trimix instructor trainer and PADI Course Director.  He has a BS in marine biology from Long BeachState.  He has been technical diving, as such, for over 15 years.  He is a published author and photographer.  He is a working cinematographer / videographer / director.  You have probably seen his work on the diving adventure series The Aquanauts.  He has been a participant in many of DSAT’s productions to develop media for PADI and others.  He is the owner Scuba And Film Enterprises, LLC, a water safety/coordination company that facilitates water work in the entertainment community. He is a Board Member of the United States Apnea Association. No matter what mode he is diving, Grant is striving everyday to help advance the sport and share his love of the sport and its environment with the world.

NAUI Awards Members At DEMA Show

NAUI, one of the first training agencies established for scuba diving within the USA, honored its members with annual awards at the DEMA Show Thursday.

Gareth Lock Wants All Divers to Know What A Human Factor Is

Gareth Lock is a retired Royal Air Force senior officer who has studied how humans screw up for a very long time.

A Chat With Becky Kagan Schott At DEMA Show 2018 had the pleasure to sit down with Becky Kagan Schott to get updated on what she has been up to.

RTC And RESA Agree On Rebreather Training Standards

The Rebreather Training Council (RTC) and the Rebreather Education and Safety Association (RESA) have come to an initial agreement on consensus rebreather training standards.

What’s New At Divers Alert Network?

There is exciting news from the Divers Alert Network: The launch of the new Prepared Diver Program and major revisions of all their other educational programs with eLearning delivery. Professional...

In The Judges Eye – Judging the Freediving World Championships

In a world exclusive, first-of-a-kind feature, Jury President Grant Graves explores what judging an event of 146 athletes from across the world is like and gives us a unique insight behind the scenes of the 2013 AIDA Pool World Championships.

PADI Tec Xplor Day

The day after the DEMA Show, PADI hosted an event called Tec Xplor Day.  This event begun last year to allow anyone to try technical diving equipment and rebreathers...

NACD World Cave Seminar

The National Association of Cave Diving, NACD, of the US hosted its annual cave seminar the weekend following the DEMA conference.  The event brings together cave divers from all...

DAN Technical Diving Conference

Grant Graves recently attended Divers Alert Network's first Technical Diving conference since 2003. Read his report here

DEMA 2006 Special: USA Freediving to Challenge Japan Freediving in Competition

The United States Apnea Association, USAA, has been asked by Asahi Television to field a team of US Freediving athletes to compete head to head with athletes...

DEMA 2006 Special: DAN Hosts DEMA Pre-conference Diving Fatalities Investigation Workshop Related to Rebreathers

Diver’s Alert Network, the world’s diving safety association, hosted a workshop on November 7, 2006 to discuss with industry leaders the issues surrounding fatalities investigations related to...

DEMA 2006 Special: Well Known Photographer Michael AW Publishes New Book on North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Michael AW, well known author and photographer, released his new book Beneath North Sulawe Sea at the DEMA Show.  The book follows a theme of twenty-four hours...

Lessons for Recreational Divers from Technical Diving – Part 3

The final part in Grant's valuable lessons that can be passed to recreational side of SCUBA.

Lessons for Recreational Divers from Technical Diving – Part 2

Grant discusses more lessons that help recreational divers from experiences in tech diving.

Lessons for Recreational Divers from Technical Diving – Part 1

Valuable lessons can be learned from the depth of experience and history in technical diving. These lessons were often learned the hard way.