AERIS Jetpack – Scuba BCD and Bag to Tackle Rising Baggage Fees

It’s hard in the diving industry to create something truly innovative but at last years DEMA Show there was a buzz around a new product from AERIS called the JETPACK.  In almost Apple-like showmanship there were sneak peaks running up to the snow and a big unveiling to generally collective praise by collective Diving Professionals and Media in attendance.

So what is all the fuss about?

The JETPACK is an innovative product that combines the best features of a BCD with a lightweight carry-on backpack to take on growing baggage fees, that Scuba Divers get hit with more and more these days, head-on.

As many divers now the pain at the airport of turning up with a big, bulk bag – putting it on the scales and looking the other way whilst the check-in agent figures out whether they are going to charge you additional fees – often an unwelcome start to a diving trip!

According to AERIS Vice-President Doug Krause “Divers are clamoring for something new and different – the JETPACK meets and exceeds those demands in a very specific and direct way. Any traveling diver will tell you that rising baggage fees are making it difficult for the average diver to fully enjoy the dive travel experience. The JETPACK isn’t just a solution – it’s a revolution for both dive travelers AND dive retailers.”

It certainly does look good and provides a capacity of 42 cubic litres, sizable enough to carry gear and clothes enough for a few days.  You can see a short video review by below.

The Aeris JETPACK is due to begin shipping at the end of June for $649.95.  For more information, visit the product page on the website:

AERIS Jetpack

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