Aggressor Liveaboards has announced that in partnership with the Sea of Change Foundation, the company will be expanding its “Green the Fleet” initiative.

The move aims to build on and enhance the sustainability efforts already undertaken through the “Green the Fleet” project. The current initiative includes measures such as:

  • Eliminating all single-use plastics from Aggressor liveaboards.
  • Using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products
  • Installing energy efficient LED lighting

Aggressor Adventures CEO Wayne Brown stated:

“Aggressor Liveaboards is proud of the green operations that are already in place across our fleet, and now we are looking forward to expanded efforts towards environmental sustainability in all our operations including at headquarters where we’ve switched to all LED lighting. With the launch of “Green the Fleet”, we know we can make even more positive changes to help protect the oceans for our customers now and for future generations of divers. Green The Fleet is an effort to improve our business values and decision-making process.”

You can find out more about the Sea of Change Foundation here and the “Green the Fleet” initiative here.

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