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AIDA Depth World Championship 2023 Day 1: Five National Women’s CNF Records Set


Day 1 of the AIDA 2023 Freediving Depth World Championship saw five women’s national records in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) discipline set off the coast of Limassol, Cyprus.

Poland’s Natalia Wilk earned a white card with her national record dive to 53m/174ft.

Israel’s Shlomit Wallerstein successfully dove to 46m/151ft.

Indonesia’s Nikita Fima Atriyu earned a national record with a 45m/148ft dive.

Hong Kong’s Jiaoyi Li and Malaysia’s Syafidatul Azua Shafi each earned white cards and national records with their 41m/134.5ft dives.

Challenging Dives

Not everyone gunning for a national record was successful on Day 1, however.

Croatia’s Sanda Delija successfully dove to 71m/233ft but drew a yellow card for losing her tag (possibly down her wetsuit).

France’s Brigitte Banegas dove to 63m/207ft but blacked out on her way back to the surface.

Banegas’ countrywoman Marianna Gillespie also dove to 63m/207ft but drew a red card for grabbing the line just before surfacing and subsequently blacking out.

Poland’s Maria Bobela dove to 61m/200ft but drew a red card for blacking out at the surface.

Turkey’s Alice Ellialtioglu dove to 59m/194ft and initially received a white card but was later judged to have pulled just above the 2-meter grace zone from the bottom plate, resulting in a red card.

Slovenia’s Mojca Haberman dove to 55m/180ft but blacked out upon surfacing.

Spain’s Marta Gil also dove to 55m/180ft but drew a red card for not keeping her airway fully above the water after surfacing.

Check out the full results below, along with highlights as well as the full video replay.

(Featured image credit: AIDA/YouTube)

AIDA 2023 Depth World Championship

AIDA 2023 Depth World Championship

John Liang
John Liang
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