Thursday, January 14, 2021
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Review: Garmin Descent Mk2 Dive Computer – Freediving Perspectives

The long-awaited Garmin Descent Mk2 has been released, and we dive into its long list of features.

William Trubridge Honored In New Year’s List

William Trubridge has been honored by New Zealand in the new year's honors list.

Daniel Roettgermann, Tito Zappala Break No Limits Tandem Freediving World Record

German and Italian freedivers have broken the world record for the No Limits Tandem discipline.

PADI Launches New Mermaid Courses

PADI has launched a new Mermaid course program that ranges from a “discovery experience” all the way to the Instructor level.

Stig Severinsen Sets New Guinness World Underwater Swimming Record

Danish freediver Stig Severinsen has smashed the existing record in longitudinal swimming underwater with a 202.0-meter (662.73-foot) swim.

The Ultimate Darkwater Freedive Site We Found By Accident

While in Greece, they stumbled on the Ultimate Darkwater Freedive Site.

Alchemy Fins Are Now Customizable

The folks who make the Alchemy freediving fins are now letting customers customize their fins with the logos, colors and stickers of your choice.

Alexey Molchanov Sets New AIDA Constant Weight Bi-Fins World Record

Russian Freediver Alexey Molchanov has set a new AIDA men's world record in the Constant Weight with Bifins discipline with a 113m / 371ft dive.

Molchanovs Unveils Its New Freediving Gear Case

Molchanovs has unveiled the Hard Case, a new 100-liter (26-gallon) case designed for multiple pieces of freediving equipment, including a monofin.

The 2020 Freediver Christmas Gift Guide

Not sure what to get a freediver for the holidays? We have the answer! Check out DeeperBlue's 2020 Freediver Christmas Gift Guide for amazing gift ideas!

At Fourth Element, Size Matters, And So Does Your Feedback

The women of Fourth Element get personal with the Size Matters campaign, donning their own kit and stepping in front of the lens to help customers find the best fit.

Freedivers William Trubridge, Sara Campbell Among Scheduled Speakers At This Weekend’s Kumbhaka Fest

The online Kumbhaka Festival scheduled for this weekend will be featuring a number of freedivers talking about some of the techniques they use to dive deep.

Adriatic Depth Trophy Makes Freediving History

The Adriatic Freediving Trophy, which was 2020's national championship of Croatia, made history as it was the first time AIDA and CMAS rules were applied simultaneously to a freediving performance.

Vanja Peleš, Mirela Kardasevic Break CMAS Pool Freediving World Records With 215m, 200m Swims

Croatian freedivers Vanja Peleš and Mirela Kardasevic each set new World Records this past weekend during their country's National Pool Freediving Competition in Zagreb.