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GO Diving Show Will Feature 'Try Dives'

UK-Based GO Diving Show Taking Registrations for ‘Try Dives’

If you live in the UK and are interested in learning more about the various types of diving -- or know someone who would be interested -- the GO Diving Show in the UK next month will be offering introductions to those disciplines in a pair of 100-square-meter pools.
2019 AIDA World Championships To Be Held In France

Freediving Champions Attend Launch Event For 2019 AIDA World Championships

Freediving competitors, set your calendars! The 2019 AIDA World Freediving Championships will be held in the waters off Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France next September.
Review - Bestdive Nylon Super Stretch Freediving Wetsuits

Review: Bestdive Yamamoto Nylon Super Stretch Wetsuit

We take a look at the Bestdive Yamamoto Foam Nylon Super Stretch wetsuit.
Guillaume Nery Underwater Portrait

Freediver Guillaume Néry To Return To Competition In 2019

Freediver Guillaume Néry has announced that he is returning to freediving competition after a four-year hiatus.

AIDA Announces Freediving Competition Rules Changes

AIDA has announced several major freediving competition rules changes that took effect at the start of this year that involve the introduction of a bi-fins category for the Dynamic (DYN) and Constant Weight (CWT) disciplines, National Record recognition, multiple-role restrictions at competitions, black-outs and more.
Freediver descending along the vivid reef wall. Red Sea, Egypt

Guide To Fun Diving For Freedivers

Are you curious about putting your freediving skills to recreational use? Check out our guide on how to stay safe while exploring reefs around the world.
Lady free diver ascending along the rope in the depth

Safety In Your Freediving Training Sessions

Learn how to incorporate competition-standard safety measures into your own freediving training sessions.
USFF To Host 2019 CMAS World Freediving Championships In Roatan

USFF To Host 2019 CMAS World Freediving Championships In Roatan

The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) has approved the U.S. Freediving Federation to host the 2019 World Freediving Championships in Roatan, Honduras.

The DeeperBlue.com Top Stories of 2018

As we come to the end of the year we have gone back into the archives for the year and drawn out the top post for each month in 2018. 
Religion Of Sports Episode Focuses On Freediving

‘Religion Of Sports’ Episode Focuses On Freediving

The most recent episode of AT&T's AUDIENCE Network's original documentary series, "Religion of Sports," debuted last week with a focus on freediving.
'Dolphin Man' Documentary Now Available In iTunes, Amazon VOD In USA

‘Dolphin Man’ Documentary Now Available In iTunes, Amazon VOD In USA

The beautiful documentary "Dolphin Man" about famed freediver Jacques Mayol is now available in the USA on the iTunes and Amazon video-on-demand platforms.
Freedivers swimming through a large underwater shipwreck

9 Essential Tips For Wreck Freediving

Are you planning on freediving a shipwreck? Check out these 9 helpful tips before you dive in!
The Last Man Diving freediving episode

‘Last Man Diving’ Episode: Scuba vs. Freediving

The latest episode of Stuart Cove's "Last Man Diving" podcast sees a challenge between scuba diving and freediving.

5 Ways Freediving Changes Your Life

Discover what happens after the journey into freediving begins.
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