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Review: XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask

We look at the new freediving mask from XS Scuba - the Apnos
Two freedivers - the man and the woman - are making the simultaneous dive at the depth of Blue Hole, Red Sea, Egypt. The picture seems very romantic.

10 Ways To Find A Freediving Buddy

Discover the different ways to find your next freediving training buddy.
Sperm whale and Freediver

Freediving With Whales Is Now Regulated In Dominica

In a bid to boost the island's ecotourism credentials, Dominica has introduced regulations for freediving with whales in the island's waters.
Croatia's Mirela Kardasevic Breaks AIDA World Record

Croatia’s Mirela Kardasevic Breaks AIDA World Record

Croatian Freediver Mirela Kardasevic has broken the women's AIDA world record with a 208-meter (656 foot) swim in the Dynamic Apnea with Bifins discipline.
Review Extra - ylon-a Monofin Bag

Review Extra: ylon-a Monofin Bag

We take a look at the extremely durable and versatile soft monofin bag by ylon-a.
Panglao Freediving

World’s Largest Freediving Center To Open In The Philippines

The largest freediving center in the world has opened on Panglao island in the Philippines.
Anna Von Boetticher

Profile: Anna Von Boetticher

We continue our profiles of world-class freedivers, here we find out more about Germany's National and World Record holder Anna Von Boetticher
Xibalba Freediving Competition

Final Athletes List For the Xibalba Freediving Competition Released

The final list of competitors for the 2019 Xibalba Freediving competition has been released.
South African Swimmer Amber Fillary World Record Attempt

Crowdfunding Page Set Up To Break Under Ice Breath Hold Record

South African swimmer and freediver Amber Fillary will to attempt to break the women's under-Ice breath hold swimming record.
Turkish Freediver Sahika Ercumen Dives Antarctica

Turkish Freediver Sahika Ercumen Dives Antarctica

Turkish freediver Sahika Ercumen, who last year broke the CMAS women's Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) world record in freshwater freediving, made history last month to be the first Turkish woman to freedive Antarctica.
Freediver makes preparation dive in Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt

5 Things That Will Make You Think Differently About Your Freedive Training

Training for freediving can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but it’s not without its frustrating moments.
Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen has unveiled a new instructor certification program.

Next Breatheology Instructor Certification Session Starts Tomorrow

Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen's latest instructor certification course is set to begin tomorrow, March 1st.
Freefalling without holding the line. Photo by Yahia Barakah.

5 Common Freefall Mistakes in Freediving

Learn the 5 most common mistakes freedivers make when practicing the freefall.
New AIDA Freediving Pool Records Set In Serbia

New AIDA Freediving Pool World Records Set In Serbia

The 13th Serbian Open Freediving Championships saw three divers break new AIDA World Records this past weekend.
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