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Book opening with bubbles coming out

Things To Keep Connected To The Ocean While On Lockdown

While we are out of the water for a while, check out our recommendation on books, movies, and podcasts to keep us entertained.
Social Distancing and Diving

Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship With the Ocean In The Age of Social Distancing

Lockdowns all over the world are keeping divers landlocked, but even when circumstances keep us out of the water there are still ways to maintain our connection to the sea.
English Translation Of Guillaume Néry's Book 'Depths' Releases This Week

Digital e-Book Version Of Guillaume Néry’s ‘Depths’ Now Available

If you're social distancing at home because of the coronavirus and pining for something new to read and are a fan of champion freediver Guillaume Néry, you'll be excited to know that the digital version of his book "Depths" is now available on Amazon Kindle.
Matthieu Duvault by Costas Constantinou

Canadians In The Deep

The Great White North is not a place one normally associates with freediving. We talk with Sheena McNally and Matthieu Duvault about their achievements and impact from the 2019 season.
The Freedive Cafe Podcast

Freedive Cafe Podcast Calling For Freedivers’ Origins Stories

If you have a cool story about how you started out as a freediver, the folks at the Freedive Cafe Podcast would love to talk to you.
Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen has unveiled a new instructor certification program.

Breatheology’s Stig Severinsen Offering Free Breathing eBook

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, Breatheology Founder Stig Severinsen is offering an electronic version of his book "Breatheology: The Art of Conscious Breathing" for free.

Alchemy Provides ‘Update’ On The Effects Of COVID-19 Lockdowns In Europe

Carbon freediving fin manufacturer Alchemy this week provided an "update" on the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns in many European countries on the company's ability to maintain its product supply.
Review - Aquaskin 2.0 - by Aqua Sphere

Review: Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0

We take a look at the Aqua Sphere Swim Skin v2.0 - a complete revision on the original.
Amber Fillary Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Swim Under Ice (Image credit: Aleksander Nordahl)

Amber Fillary Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Swim Under Ice

Amber Fillary of South Africa has broken the women's Guinness World Record for the longest horizontal freedive under ice wearing only a swimsuit and a mask.
Two freedivers ascending surrounded by bubbles

Decompression and Freediving – What Are The Real Risks?

Learn the risks of getting decompression sickness while freediving, and how to prevent it.
English Dub Of 'One Breath' Film 'Coming Soon'

English Dub Of ‘One Breath’ Film ‘Coming Soon’

An English-language dub of the Russian movie "One Breath," which premiered last week, is "coming soon," according to the Molchanovs website.
Alexei Molchanov Sets New Guinness World Record

Alexey Molchanov Sets New Guinness World Record

Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov recently set a new Guinness World Record with his 180-meter (590-foot) monofin swim below the ice of the Ameryevsky Dolomite quarry.
Instagram App on Mobile

10 Must-Follow Freediver Instagram Accounts For 2020

Check out these 10 instagram accounts for a more freediver-friendly feed.
Carla Sue Hanson - Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Celebrating The Life Of Carla Sue Hanson

Planning for a "Celebration of Life" event for Carla Sue Hanson, the late President of the Freediving governing body AIDA International, is underway.
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