Friday, December 3, 2021


‘Ocean Men’ Umberto Pelizzari, Pipin Ferreras Will Be At The EUDI Show In Italy

Noted freedivers Umberto Pelizzari and Pipin Ferreras will both be attending next year's European Dive Show in Italy.

Bastien Soleil To Host Freediving Photography Workshop

Bastien Soleil will hold an underwater photography workshop at Pranamaya Freediving School next month.

Easy 3-Part Guide To Watching A Freediving Depth Competition – Part 3: Medical Team, Safety Team, and Organizers

Finish off the third part of our three-part guide to watching a freediving competition with background info on the safety team, medical team, and organizers!

Freediver Amber Fillary Sets Date For Latest World Record Attempt

South African freediver Amber Fillary has set up a crowdfunding page to pay for her training to break a Guinness World Record for the "longest underwater walk."

Amanda Beard Teams Up With Ear Pro

Amanda Beard has joined Ear Pro as a swimming evangelist.

Rock West Composites To Unveil New Fin Blade

The folks at Rock West Composites are getting into the diving game and will unveil a new set of dive film blades at next week's DEMA Show in Las Vegas.

William Winram Sets Two CMAS Variable-Weight Freediving Records

Fifty-seven-year-old William Winram recently set a pair of CMAS variable-weight freediving records off the Sinai Peninsula in the Red Sea.

Introducing Oxama, The First Speaking Oximeter Computer

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for Oxama, the first talking oximeter computer.

William Trubridge: If You’re A Competitive Freediver And You Dope, ‘It’s Not Going To Change a Thing’

Champion freediver William Trubridge has some choice words for those in his sport who are thinking about using performance-enhancing substances -- or are actually taking such substances.

Big Freediving Facebook Group Looking For Moderators

The Freediving Facebook group is looking for a few more people to add to their moderator team.

Easy 3-Part Guide To Watching A Freediving Depth Competition – Part 2: The Competition

Part two of our guide on how to watch a depth freediving competitions covers competition organization, the dive itself, and how athletes are judged.

Freedivers Find Trove Of Ancient Roman Gold Coins

A pair of freedivers recently unearthed more than 50 ancient gold coins from the Roman Empire while diving off Portitxol on Spain's eastern coast.

Klovar Beats Out Molchanov in CNF Discipline At CMAS Freediving World Championships

Croatia's Petar Klovar set a world record by out-diving Russia’s Alexey Molchanov's 90m/295ft dive with a Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) dive of 92m/302ft at last week's 2021 CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championships in Turkey.

Alchemy Unveils New Freediving Neck Weight

The folks at Alchemy have unveiled their new Freediving Neck Weight.