Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Dive RAID International Launches New Static Apnea Program

Dive RAID International announced it has launched a new course on static apnea.

Alessia Zecchini Sets New CMAS FIM World Record

Italy's Alessia Zecchini this week set a new women's freediving world record at the Canotes Freediving Challenge in the Philippines.

Review: William Trubridge Online Freediving Training Portal

Explore our review of William Trubridge's Online Freedive Training Portal, a comprehensive resource offering foundational to advanced training techniques, videos, and a community forum to enhance your freediving skills at any level.

Pipin Ferreras’ Lawyer To Appeal Judge’s Decision To Throw Out Lawsuit Against Netflix Over ‘No Limit’ Movie

The lawyer representing freediver Pipin Ferreras is vowing he will appeal a judge's decision to throw out Ferreras' defamation lawsuit against Netflix that alleged the streamer portrayed him as murdering his wife, the late Audrey Mestre.

CMAS Publishes Limited-Edition 65th Anniversary Commemorative Book

The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) has released a new book commemorating the organization's 65th anniversary.

Mastering the Art of Freediving: Top 10 Techniques for Success

Discover the essential techniques you need to take with you on your freediving journey!

Dates Announced For 2024 German Indoor Freediving Championship

The dates for the 2024 German Indoor Freediving Championships have been announced.

Crowdfunding Project Underway For The LEFEET P1 Underwater Scooter

A crowdfunding campaign for the latest version of the LEFEET underwater scooter is underway.

2024 Go Diving Show Goes from Strength to Strength

The recent Go Diving Show in the UK was an amazing success and shows dive shows are back with a bang!

Review Extra: Mantra Swimskin by Orca

The Orca Mantra Swimskin is a versatile supplement to their regular freediving wetsuit line that extends more options to the curvier apneatrix.

PranaMaya Announces Dates For Spring And Fall 2024 Azul Freediving Challenges

The folks at PranaMaya have announced the dates for the 2024 editions of the Azul Freediving Challenges at the Cenote Yum Kin in Mexico.

Review Extra: Heavy Freediving Neckweight by Alchemy

Discover the upgraded Alchemy Heavy Freediving Neckweight: Ideal for enhancing stability and comfort in dives, this review delves into its improved design, higher weight for optimal underwater performance, and striking silver color for increased visibility. A game-changer for freedivers seeking precision and ease.

Six Guinness World Records Set For Under-Ice Swimming

Four freedivers set six men's and women's world records for swimming under the ice with regular swimwear this past weekend at a lake in Norway.

The GO Diving Show Happening This Weekend In The UK

Dive into the ultimate scuba adventure at the GO Diving Show this weekend at NAEC, Stoneleigh Park - featuring over 40 speakers, exclusive exhibits, and interactive experiences for diving enthusiasts. Don't miss the chance to explore the depths of diving innovation and underwater beauty!