Wednesday, October 28, 2020

AIDA International announce new Freediving Instructor Trainers


AIDA International, the global freediving federation, has announced that 5 new instructors have been granted AIDA Instructor Trainer status.  This is the highest level an instructor can reach in the education system developed by AIDA and allows these instructors to train not only other freedivers but also other instructors.

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The new Instructor Trainers are:

  • Savvas Savva (Cyprus)
  • Panos Lianos (Greece)
  • Dean Spahic (Canada, Egypt)
  • Konstantin Borisov (Russia)
  • Kimmo Lahtinen (Finland)


To achieve this status the candidates had to be recommended by the AIDA National from the country that they teach in, then be reviewed by the AIDA Education Committee and finally be confirmed by the AIDA Board.

Kimmo Lahtinen, AIDA President said:

The new instructor trainers will enable more prospective students access to Aida freediving courses. We look forward to expanding quality Aida Education throughout the world and welcoming new freedivers to the Aida Community! congratulate the new Freediving Instructor Trainers.

AIDA International announce new Freediving Instructor Trainers 3
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