If you’re a serious professional underwater photographer — or just have enough disposable income that dropping five grand on a waterproof camera housing doesn’t faze you — Aquatica recently introduced a new housing for Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark II digital camera.

Aquatica’s A1DX Mark II housing is cut from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and sports an updated lens gearing system along with a next-generation housing pinion gear. It also comes standard with a moisture detector and atmospheric pressure sensor that allows you to monitor the interior vacuum pressure.

The housing is also compatible with Aquatica‘s Aqua View 180 and 45 view finders, and sports the company’s molded grips with threaded mounting holes for adding strobe lights or other accessories.

Aquatica's New A1DX Mark II Underwater Housing
Aquatica’s New A1DX Mark II Underwater Housing

The A1DX Mark II housing is waterproof down to 90 meters/328 feet and on request can be factory-upgraded to 130 meters/425 feet. The oversized controls make it easy to operate in a bunch of diving conditions.

The housing retails for US$4,849/4,348 Euros.

For more info, go to the company’s website at aquatica.ca.

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