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Beach Buddy Wheeled Carryall Now Shipping

The new Beach Buddy dive gear transport system is now shipping to dive shops and interested consumers, according to inventor Stacie Hill.

Dive instructor Stacie Hill invented the Beach Buddy a year ago, and introduced a prototype version at last year’s DEMA Show.

Hill told this week that the system, which wraps around a scuba tank and has D-clips for connecting a BCD or other equipment to it, is an avid underwater videographer. “There’s some great beach dives, but you’ve got to then decide which of your equipment you’re going to leave back on the beach while you get the second load,” she said. “This way, you can take all your (diving) gear with one hand and your camera equipment with the other hand.”

Hill does a lot of beach diving in Hawaii, and said that when she was testing earlier prototypes of the system, “I can’t even make it to the water, because people are stopping me, saying, ‘How can I get one?’ ‘Where can I get one?’ It makes life so much easier — you’ve got more time for diving, you’ve got more energy for that instead of lugging everything.”

The whole system — which comes in two sizes depending on your height and retails for $250 — weighs four pounds, and the wheels pop off easily and are connected to the bottom of the scuba tank, making it very hydrodynamic. For more information, check out the Beach Buddy Web site at — John Liang

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