Liquid Image Introduces New HD320 Video Camera Mask

Liquid Image introduced its new HD320 series of waterproof camera and video masks at this week’s DEMA Show.

With a 32-gigabyte card, the new video camera mask is waterproof to a depth of 115 feet/35 meters and can record up to 16 hours of high-definition 720P video or more than 36,000 five-megapixel still photos at 2560×1920 resolution. It also sports a micro SD/SDCH port (up to 32GB) as well as a USB port. It retails for $299.

The new mask uses four AAA batteries; with lithium batteries lasting up to two hours for video and/or 2000 still photos.

Liquid Image is also offering a new 310 Series video camera mask, which is waterproof to 10 meters/33 feet, takes two AAA batteries and with those can record 2 hours and 20 minutes of video or 2,200 still photos. It retails for $199.

In addition, the company sells its original flagship product, the $99 Explorer Series 302 video camera mask that was introduced at last year’s ) DEMA Show.

Lights are an accessory that can be mounted onto all the Liquid Image products, and have been upgraded since last year’s DEMA Show.For more info, check out the company’s Web site at — John Liang

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