Brent Durand Releases Underwater Image Review Video Series

Brent Durand Underwater Image Review Series
Brent Durand Underwater Image Review Series

Acclaimed underwater photographer Brent Durand has released a fun video series aimed at reviewing underwater images.

The series, titled “Underwater Image Reviews,” features Brent reviewing photos submitted by divers. Submitting a photo for review is relatively simple, and all you need to do is email Brent with your photos.

In addition to the image review videos, Durand will be publishing bonus videos discussing a wide array of underwater imaging topics, including tips and information about various photo techniques as well as gear.

Durand also publishes a host of other videos focused on underwater imaging in general, with information about lighting, composition, and color contrast.

The image review videos will be published weekly and will be part of an $8/~£6.25/~€7 subscription service.

You can subscribe to the image review series here, or check out the trailer of the image review workshop below.