PADI’s Mission 2020 Pledge: To Make A Positive Change

PADI Mission 2020
PADI Mission 2020

To reinforce its commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation, PADI has released its Mission 2020 pledge.

“As PADI drives toward a fully integrated digital learning system, we lessen our dependency on packaging, thereby minimizing the plastic footprint of hundreds of thousands of divers every year. We will further reduce plastic waste across our supply chain and rally our 6,600 dive centers and resorts to reduce single-use plastics.”

The pledge is part of the Mission 2020 drive, which was started by Fourth Element co-founders Jim Standing and Paul Strike. It aims to gather pledges from other members and dive industry stakeholders to make a fundamental change by World Oceans Day 2020.

The main focus of Mission 2020 is on the elimination of single-use plastics from the dive industry. According to President and CEO of PADI Worldwide Drew Richardson:

“We are passionate about creating a preferred view of the future in healthier oceans. We have a strong legacy of environmental conservation behind us and a robust roadmap for continued progress that will drive our Force for Good responsibility well into the future. This is the foundation of PADI’s Mission 2020 pledge, and it is our hope that this project will inspire the PADI community to make short-term commitments that will lead to lasting change.”

PADI members can make their own pledge here, and you can find out more about Mission 2020 here.