Check Out The History of Diving Museum’s New Tech Diving Exhibit

History of Diving Museum
History of Diving Museum at DEMA Show 2017

If you plan on traveling to the Florida Keys area between now and the end of the year and are a tech diving aficionado, you might want to stop by the History of Diving Museum.

The museum last week unveiled a new “Pushing The Envelope” exhibit that celebrates the people, projects and technologies behind the “Technical Diving Revolution.”

The exhibit highlights technical diving’s early development with more than 150 images, maps, decompression tables, quotes and some select equipment from 1987-1997 when technical diving was just coming of age.

The “Pushing the Envelope” exhibit features content from iconic early technical diving expeditions on the SS Andrea Doria, the USS Monitor, El Cazador, the RMS Lusitania, RMS Britannic, and a lot more.

Visitors will also get to see early tech trimix tables including Jim Bowden’s 1000-ft/305m Zacatón table, a way-back with Hyperbarics Intl, ex-NOAA director Dick Rutkowski’s original nitrox training facility in Key Largo, and the first U.S. technical diving training center Key West Diver, which was located on Stock Island.

Originally created for TEKDIVE USA, the biannual advanced and technical diving conference that took place earlier this year, the “Pushing The Envelope” exhibit will be on display at the museum through the end of 2018.

For more info, check out the History of Diving Museum’s website.