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DEMA 2006 Special: Armor Products 'innovative' Island Hopper bag

Armor Products has answered the demands of its growing base of loyal customers by adding the Island Hopper rolling backpack to its already expanding line up. The Island Hopper is actually two bags offered as a one unit set. The genius behind this latest innovation was understanding the needs of traveling divers and the limitations set upon them by the airline’s carry on and overhead baggage restrictions. Armor has allowed travelers to maximize the amount of carry on gear by producing a 24" rolling backpack that incorporates an additional 16" companion backpack mounted on the front of it.

The Island Hopper works by allowing the convenience of pulling a single large bag through the airport that can be broken down into two smaller bags at the boarding gate, one for the overhead compartment and one for under the passenger’s seat. It is a bag that can truly adjust to any situation the airline throws at a traveler. One can even keep the companion pack if the airline insists on checking the rolling backpack. It is ideal for the changing conditions and requirements between the various airlines during island and international travel. 

The bags are durable and esthetically designed so well that when they are attached together they appear as a single unit, yet when they are separated appear as a complimentary set of luggage. Quality construction, designer good looks, and ergonomic convenience all come together in one offering.