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DEMA 2006 Special: Day 2 – 9th October 2006

The Reporting Team are here on location at DEMA 2006 to report on all the latest happenings.

Following on from a very successful Day 1, the team decended onto the Show Floor to find the latest and greatest products as well as reports from various agencies:


SEATEC is showing off its newest innovation and it is uniquely unlike any other dive gear on the DEMA show floor. Its latest offering is a product by the name of “Liquid Glove”. This new product is actually an antibacterial hand lotion that forms a protective barrier on the hands, face, or any part of the skin it is applied to.

Liquid Glove is dermatologically tested and is proven to protect the skin from harsh elements. One application will last for four hours or more, even with repeated washes. Protection against light jellyfish stings, mild acids, inks, and caustic grime are a few of benefits Seatec claims with its newest product. Look for it on store shelves January of 2007.

(Jim Doe)


N.A.U.I. will be debuting what it considers a much newer and improved version of its First-Aid Course sometime in January of 2007. (more…)

(Jim Doe)

Rock’N Sports

California-based Rock’N Sports introduced their new snorkeling vest at DEMA this week. The vest features a large front pocket into which snorkelers can put valuables, a small camera or fish food, among other things. The vest will be available in blue, black, yellow, pink, purple and orange. It will have three sizes: children’s, regular adult and extra-large, according to company “Owner Extraordinaire” Bill Walters. For more information, e-mail Walters at

(John Liang)


The Reefball Foundation announced a critical next phase of work in the Cayman Islands. (more…)

(Francesca Koe)

Shark Shield

The Shark Shield Freedom 4 shark repellent that uses an electric charge detectable only by sharks was among the new products featured at DEMA. Omer western hemisphere distributor Mark Laboccetta demonstrated the device on FOX television’s “Geraldo at Large” program earlier this year. The new version has a higher battery life and a slimmer profile than earlier versions. A prototype for surfers that will be attached to the surfboard is currently undergoing testing, and should go on sale by next summer. One dealer exhibiting at DEMA said the commercial sport fishing industry is a growing market: As a customer reels in a game fish near the boat, the Shark Shield is activated, preventing sharks from nibbling on the potential prize fish.

(John Liang)


DAN announce a study into the effects of flying after diving. (more…)

(Francesca Koe)


Ever brought Cheez-wiz or crackers or bread or other “human” foods with you on a snorkeling or dive trip, hoping to entice a fish to come near enough for a photo? Well, lifelong snorkelers Christopher and Sonia Hillios, owners of SeaDine, Inc., have developed a new underwater fish food called Snorkel Snax® that’s a lot healthier for the fish. Snorkel Snax is a shrimp and spirulina blend specially formulated for marine and tropical fish. The food is stored in a squeeze tube that has a rubber wristband at the end, making it easier to hold on to while underwater. For more information, check out their web site at

(John Liang)

Ocean Conservancy

The Ocean Conservancy is asking free divers and scuba divers in the United States to step up and take action as ambassadors to our wonderous oceans. (more…)

(Francesca Koe)


A new fin that literally looks like the back half of a fish was launched this week at DEMA. (more…)

(John Liang)

Special Awards

Yesterday, following the ribbon cutting ceremony, DEMA recognized the Orange County Sherriff’s Ofice Undrewater Search & Recovery Team and the Orlando Fire Department Dive Rescue Team with special awards for courage, excellence, and efforts above and beyond the call of duty in die rescue and recovery.

(Christopher Chin)

Light and Motion

An additional feature of the Light and Motion Titan D100 housing announced yesterday is its backwards compatibiliity with Titan D100 ports. This allows current users of the Nikon D100 and the L&M D100 housing to more easily upgrade to the higher resolution D200 path.

(Christopher Chin)

That’s a wrap for today so why not review Day 1 coverage and then join us for tomorrow’s coverage. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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