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DEMA 2006 Special: Ocean Reef's Ultimate Predator Full Face Mask

Tired of your regular mask, snorkel and reg? Perhaps Ocean Reef’s Neptune Space Predator should go on your holiday list. This full face mask offers maximum comfort while offering many bells and whistles that traditional masks could only dream of. This product is perfect for many purposes aside from the usual recreational dive. It offers full-face protection from the elements, the occasional passing jellyfish tentacle, and certainly reduces the shock of cold water upon your initial splash. For night dives or dark waters, 45-lumen LED visor lights are available, and are located above the forehead for a hands-free torch system.

The Neptune Space Predator provides a natural breathing system. The regulator has been integrated into the mask itself, so this means no more jaw fatigue and biting through mouthpieces. As one may imagine, using a snorkel with this set up is pretty much impossible. The Surface Air Valve feature on the Predator solves that problem. This allows the user to suit up while wearing the mask by letting fresh air enter freely. It is especially helpful after surfacing from a dive, even in rough and lumpy seas. Unlike a conventional mask that gets knocked off by a rogue wave on your trek in from a shore dive, the Predator stays put thanks to the six adjustable straps that ensure a comfortable, snug fit to accommodate any-sized noggin.

One of the most interesting features offered by Ocean Reef is the liquid tube and external bladder. Water or other liquids can be consumed through a tube that attaches to the diver and enters through the mask. Other edible possibilities include small foods; for example, M&M’s may fit through the tube to be consumed underwater. Imagine a world where a diver can re-hydrate while at depth, or keep blood sugars in check at 100 plus feet! This feature makes it all a reality. Weighing in at only 970 grams, the Predator is slightly positively buoyant underwater, and certainly won’t weigh you down at the surface. It is made from a lightweight and durable aluminum compound and stainless steel buckles and clamps. A nice aesthetic touch is the gold hue given to the regulator, reminiscent of the very first deep water dive gear.

The superior range of visibility with the Predator results from the wide-angle peripheral mask and increased lower eyesight. This way you can actually see the D-rings on the upper half of your BC, easily adjust things without the aid of a buddy and see all of the fish swimming beside and below you. Talking with fellow divers is made easy thanks to their line of underwater communication products that are integrated within the Predator. Predicting full face masks as the future of underwater breathing, communicating and even eating and drinking, Ocean Reef is taking dive equipment to the next level. Prices and add-ons can be investigated further at

 By Linden Wolbert

Linden Wolbert
Linden Wolbert
Born of two swimmers, Linden Wolbert was raised in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Far from the ocean, she and her sister Cameron looked forward to swim team at the local pool in the summers and trips to the Jersey Shore. Interested in animals and insects large and small, Linden studied various field guides and memorized tropical fish species as a youngster. An obsession with Jacques Cousteau documentaries yielded worn-out video recordings of the Calypso and crew from repeated viewings. After discovering a love for camera and images, Linden attended Emerson College in Boston to study Film and Science with the dream of becoming a wildlife cinematographer. There she shot her first underwater film on 16mm with a Bolex camera and a housing she crafted from a fish tank. In 2003, Linden moved to Los Angeles to finish her undergraduate degree and got her Open Water certification shortly thereafter. This was a dream come true for her. With boundless energy and passion for the world of SCUBA and freediving, Linden is anxious to travel, dive with like-minded people, help the oceans and infect others with the water bug.