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DEMA 2006 Special: Web-based study makes learning to dive simple and convenient

Have you ever wanted to take a scuba class or an advanced class but found that you didn’t have enough time to schlep back and forth from a classroom or a class, three or four times in a fortnight? Well is here to bring those classes to you. Created by Dan Nafe, a diver, instructor and programmer for over 30 years, offers courses of every level — from the very basic scuba diver beginner course all the way through expert courses for rebreathers and hyperbaric medical tech. has even developed over 6 proprietary courses for manufacturers, specific to product installation and repair.

"What provides is customized educational content that is personalized for every student," says Dan Nafe. "We have a very user friendly system that is informative, adaptive and data driven." is an efficient and smart use of technology – an application service provider (ASP) it essentially takes all of the messy tracking and paper work out of teaching and certifying students. uses visual examples that are clear and easy to understand. Theoretical concepts such as pressure volume relationships become simple and the students learn quickly. The process for learning decompression is theory first, computers second and then tables. For the basic scuba diver course there are 140 pages of content, 14 quizzes and 1 Final exam that launch new students over any aquatic or academic challenge they might have ever perceived. And since the course is dynamic and data driven – students are tutored and refreshed in areas where they need the most help.

The sites courses cover all of the standards of the diving industry’s certifying agencies. The Scuba-Training. net’s students truly grasp the material being presented to them and according to former professor Gregg Stanton "my students come to me better prepared and totally ready for practical applications and physical demonstrations." Considering that Gregg is an instructional pioneer in mixed gases and rebreathers, the owner of Wakulla Diving Center in Florida, as well as a certified instructor by NAUI, IANTD, PSI and CMAS one can take his opinion seriously. is not only changing the way the world learns to dive but it is opening the landscape to new types of divers. 65% of graduates from the site are women and all new students must attain a minimum passing score of 99%, which demonstrates the high standards of the academics and results in stronger, safer divers. Once a student has completed and passed their academic portion they can choose from over 100 teaching partners to complete their in-water evaluations with an instructor of their choice.

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Francesca Koe
Francesca Koe
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