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DEMA 2007 Special: Day 2 – 1st November 2007

The Reporting Team are here on location at DEMA 2007 to report on all the latest happenings.

Following on from a very successful Day 1, the team decended onto the Show Floor to find the latest and greatest products as well as reports from various agencies:

Aqua Lung

Displaying it as a piece of art with a caption that reads, "On loan from the Louvre Museum, Paris," Aqua Lung is featuring its new "Slingshot" fin this week at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando. The fins highlight silicone straps called "power bands" that capture the downstroke’s thust and immediately snap back, helping the diver conserve energy, according to a company statement. A "Gear Shift" function on the fins allows a diver to choose from one of three settings to select the speed-to-effort ratio he or she prefers, depending on the water conditions. Check out their Web site at

Atwater Concepts

Atwater Concepts is introducing its new "Mobile Dive Center" this week at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando. The customized trailer line comes in two sizes and has a host of drawers, shelves and tank brackets for transporting equipment to remote dive sites. See for more info.


Oceanic Worldwide is highlighting its DATAMASK at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando. DATAMASK has been available on the market now for about a month and a half. With a transmitter attached to the high-pressure cord, information including depth, air pressure, etc. shows up on a display in the lower right of the mask. Oceanic’s GEO line of dive watches comes in a variety of new colors and has air, nitrox, gauge and freediving modes. For more info, check out their Web site at

Casco Bay Molding

Casco Bay Molding introduced its new snorkel keeper this week at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando. The keepers retail for $1 each and are made of high-elongation liquid silicone rubber. Other dive gear available from the company includes: an antimicrobial scuba mouthpiece; a "long bite" silicone scuba mouthpiece, a standard bite silicone mouthpiece; a "gel cell silicone" mouthpiece; an "Octo Holder" or second regulator strap and an "Octo Necklace, both made from high-elongation silicone. See or more information.


Seabotix unveiled a new cutter arm for use on its LBV remotely operated underwater vehicle this week at the Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association’s annual trade show in Orlando. While other cutter arms have a piston motor on a manipulator that drives the piston forward, Seabotix turned the piston into a guillotine which allows the cutter to exert approximately 330 pounds of force. For more information, go to

Dive Rite

Dive Rite has come to dema with a new products and upgraded systems. The LED 300 handheld light from 2006 has now gone corded. A 40 inch cord splits the old model into a small canister, about the size of a can of redbull, and a light head, designed to he held or attached via a goodman handle system. A selectable wattage halogen video light system is a recent addition, with on-the-fly switching between 35 and 50 watt settings by way of a togle switch on the canister. The popular Nitek computer line has a new flagship, the Nitek X. This mixed gas computer is loaded with easy to use feature and is built to last with it’s solid aluminum housing.


Halcyon’s dive equipment is constantly evoloving as new ways are found to steamline and advance preformace. This year they have changed their weight pocket system to a vertical presentation, revamped the battery pack on their lights, and come out with new surface markers for divers.

OMS Tesseract CCR Rebreather

Last year, OMS unveiled its preliminary design for the new Tesseract Rebreather.  Weighing in at only 50 pounds, it is a wonderful travel unit.  Development continues, and changes from last year’s prototype include smaller, more streamlied displays, and additional safety features such as "wings" on the scrubbing bucket to insure proper insertion.  The Tesseract still boasts dual solenoid design and four Oxygen sensors, with all solenoids, batteries, and electronics kept in sealed compartment separate from the breathing loop.

The designer, David Weber, plans to include a CO2 sensor in the near future, and hopes to redesign the mounting system for the external cylinders to make the model even more travel capable.

OMS anticipates that the Tesseract will be available in the 3rd Quarter of 2008.

PADI Risk Management Seminar

PADI 23 year veteran and Director of Legal and Risk Management, Pat Fousek, presented PADI’s annual Risk Management seminar.

Using example situations and recorded reenactments, Fousek highlighted the importance of decision making. "Some are daily decisions, like ‘how am I feeling?’, while others are life altering or far-reaching", stated Fousek.  She reminded the audience, almost entirely dive professionals, to consider the consequences of their actions, especially how those actions could be viewed after the fact.  These are often applicable to situations like "judgment calls" with regard to dive conditions.

Fousek stressed the importance of dive briefings and buddy teams.  In her experience, many problems with buddy separation result from a lack of prior topside communication regarding expectations and procedure. Also, while some espouse solo diving, the thing is to talk about it and stress the importance of training and experience when other, buddy-paired divers or students on the boat inquire.

While we all know the importance of oxygen first aid with regard to dive emergencies, the oxygen kit "had better work", Fousek urged.  "It does no good if it’s rusted or filled with sand." 

Divelaw Risk Management Seminar

In its popular annual seminar on Risk Management for Dive Facilities and their Professional Staff, Rick Lesser, the father of dive litigation specialization gave an overview of case results, decisions, and settlements from the last year, as well as recent changes in expectations and requirements for LiabilityReleases and treatment of mild DCS in remote locations.

Covering topics such as the Jones Act Seaman, Lesser presented his famous "Top 10 Reasons Why Dive Facilities (And their Professional Staf) Get Sued".  Several questions arose from the audience, sparking interesting discussion about the buddy system, team diving, and professional responsibilty and duty-of-care.

That’s a wrap for today’s coverage of DEMA 2007.  Join us tomorrow as we unveil more interesting developments from the show floor! DEMA Team DEMA Team
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