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News from Freediving World Championships

AIDA have issued a press release on the current results of the Individual World Championships held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The release says as follows:

The big international freediving event of 2007, the 4th AIDA Individual World Championship, took off on November 1st with the Constant Weight category, seeing over 80 competitors from 29 countries. The scene was diving and resort capital of the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh on the south tip of Sinai in Egypt.

Rough seas and heavy currents had cancelled the original first day of competition, meaning both men and women had to compete together on this competition day two. After a total of eight hours of competition, pushing the official SUUNTO D9 diving computers to the max, freediving had seen three world record attempts, of which two failed. Successful was ‘the Flying Fish’, Austrian pilot Herbert Nitsch, who dove to an astonishing 112 meters, one metre deeper than his own world record from Hurghada, Egypt, in December 2006, to win the men’s competition. British comet Sara Campbell, who recently broke world records in three depth categories in a mere 48 hours, won the ladies’ competition, diving to 88 metres depth, two meters shy of her world record set ten days earlier. As Sara surfaced after her dive, she exclaimed, ‘Ah, that was quite easy’!

The freediving world championship is organized by Apnea Academy, a respected freediving school established by Italian freediving legend Umberto Pelizzari, in collaboration with AIDA International. November 3rd will see the second and last main event of the championship, Constant Weight without Fins, in which Herbert Nitsch will again compete against such stars as William Trubridge from New Zealand and William Winram from Canada.

Top Three athletes in Constant Weight:


  1. Sara CAMPBELL, GBR, 88 meters, 88 points

  2. Annelie POMPE, SWE, 77 meters, 77 points

  3. Maria LIVBJERG, DEN, 63 meters, 63 points


  1. Herbert NITSCH, AUT, 112 meters, 112 points (WR)

  2. David MULLINS, NZL, 110 meters, 105 points

  3. Carlos COSTE, VEN, 103 meters , 103 points


Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haithhttp://www.divasindubai.com
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for DeeperBlue.com. She is based in Dubai.