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DEMA 2008: Day 3 Coverage

DEMA day 3 came to the busiest day for the show floor.  Spirits were riding high with most exhibitors and attendees walking around with smiling faces.

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Liquid Image to Introduce Scuba Version of Camera Mask at CES Next Year

Talk about a total “Look Ma, No Hands” moment: Liquid Image, themaker of the underwater digital camera mask for snorkelers, willintroduce a scuba version of the mask at the Consumer Electronics Showin January, company officials told this week at the DEMAShow.

The snorkeling version — which the company first began shippingthis past summer, is good down to 5 meters/15 feet, and retails for$99. To take a photo or a video, you just line up the crosshair markson the mask with the object, and then press the capture button. LEDlights inside the viewing area indicate the mode the camera is in whenactivated. You can download the digital images and video you’vecaptured to a computer through a USB cable. Software is included toedit photos and videos (currently PC-compatible only, but your iMac,being, umm, a MAC, should still be able to download them).

The camera comes with 16 MB SD RAM internal memory. A Micro SD Cardslot allows the memory to be upgraded to hold more images and video.The camera and mask combination is available in both a 3.1 MP and a 5.0MP version.


Reefnet Introduces New Adapter for Subsee Magnifier

Reefnet this week at the DEMA Show introduced a new series ofadapters for its handheld Subsee underwater magnifying glass to allowit for use on camera lenses.

The adapter attaches to the outside of a camera lens housing, andthe removable magnifying glass itself snaps into the center of theadapter. It will fit most popular DSLR and compact camera housings,including Aquatica, Ikelite, Subal, Sea&Sea, Seatool, Olympus,Seacam and others.

Retail price — including the lens — is $350 for a DSLR and $250for a compact digital camera. For more information, check out ReefNet’sWeb site at


Xit 404 Showcases New ‘Aqua Pencil’

Pacific Grove, CA-based company Xit 404 this week showcased its new Aqua Pencil products at the DEMA Show.

The 4″-by-6″ slate is specially designed to fit the Aqua Pencil. Theslate features a basket to capture the tip, a spot for the pencil tosnap on as well as a hole designed to accept the elastic Aqua Tether. Aslot and larger hole provide various means to attach the slate to yourgear. The company plans to introduce other slate sizes in the future.

The kit, which retails for $21.95, includes the slate, elastictether, pencil, eraser, and spare lead. For more information on theAqua Pencil and Xit 404’s other underwater products, check out theirWeb site at


Petatech Showcases Thermulation Power-Heated Undersuit

Get the chills when you dive in cold water? Taiwan-based Petatechthis week showcased its power-heated Thermalution undersuit at the DEMAShow.

The non-metallic, fiber-covered heating wire works inside a wetsuitor drysuit. The heating pad goes down along the spinal cord and runs ontwo waterproof, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, and features atemperature controller with three settings that can be adjustedunderwater. The batteries are cold-tested to be able to function intemperatures of up to -20C.

The sleeveless or short-sleeve undersuits come it two types — a-15m/45ft version (retail US$400) and a -70/220ft (retail US$690) one.The -15m undersuit is designed for surfing and other water activitiesperformed mainly above the water, while the -70m undersuit is designedfor diving purposes, according to the company. While there are nofunctional differences between the two products, the -15m version can’thandle as much water pressure as the -70m version.

For more information, check out their Web site at


Underwater digital shutterbugs rejoice. SeaLife has lopped $100 offthe retail price of its DC800 underwater camera, a company officialtold this week at the DEMA Show.

Now retailing for $450, the 8-megapixel camera sports a 2.7-inch LCDand 25 shooting modes, among them three “sea” modes with their ownspecific underwater color correction settings — “Blue Oceans,” “GreenOceans” and “Rivers/Lakes.” It can be expandable with one or twoexternal flashes (gotta use that $100 savings for something, right?).

The housing is depth tested to 200ft/60m and sports a big shutterbutton and well-spaced control buttons for easy use, even when wearingheavy dive gloves.

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