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DEMA 2008: Day 4 Coverage

DEMA and the final day has closed.  Unlike previous years the final day became very quiet very quickly and seemingly little foot traffic.  However as like the rest of the week everyone seemed to be very happy with the show and no real signs of the economic downturn seriously effecting the industry.

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Freedivers in EffectDEMA isn’t just for bubble blowers. World Champion freedivers wereabundant at this year’s Las Vegas show. We spotted William Trubridge,chatting with the Bahamian Tourism Officer, undoubtedly makingpreparations for his ever growing Vertical Blue competition and Dean’sBlue Hole classes. were happy to see Martin Stepanek, who was quite busy at the Oceanicbooth as the key spokesperson for the new Aeris freediving computer.And seasoned pros, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Kirk Krack of PerformanceFreediving were holding static apnea sessions in a pool located righton the show floor, for anyone adventurous enough to get into the poolwith them.PFI also made a few special announcements at the show, about upcominginstructors courses and a new kids class.

Ocean Conservation at DEMA 2008

Among the many equipment manufacturers and tour operators at thisyear’s DEMA show — nestled among the many rows of neoprene and candybowls we found two of the world’s leading conservation groups, each ofwhom are working to protect ocean life and foster stewardship in ourdive community.

Suzanne Garrett, the Dive Program Coordinator for Oceana, wantsevery diver to help put an end to shark finning. You can add your nameto a petition that will be presented to the US Congress in an effort toban shark finning in all US federal waters. If you love sharks, you cansign up to help them at www.

We also spoke with Lad Akins, Special Projects Director for the ReefEnvironmental Education Foundation, otherwise known as REEF. If youprefer getting wet to encourage ocean stewardship then REEF’s VolunteerSurvey Project is for you. Whenever you go for a dive or a snorkel,take along a survey slate and record the name and relative abundance ofthe all the fish species you see. Not sure what you are looking at? Noproblem, even novices are welcome as REEF has training and protocolsfor all experience levels.

Learn how you too can become a citizen field scientist at


Pre-packed Disposable CO2 Absorber CartridgeMolecular Products launched their new product, SofnoDive, the firstfirst deidicated single-use, disposable, pre-filled carbon dioxideabsorbent solution.Convenient and economical, it’s designed specifically for the PoseidonDiscovery Cis Lunar Mk VI rebreather, and is packed with Sofnolime797.The SofnoDive helps further bridge the gap between the recreational andtechical user, and makes the rebreather easier to use, and preventsproblems with incorrect packing. With tamper resistant seals, andbecause it’s designed to exceed the usable capacity of the Mk VI oxygencylinder, the SofnoDive makes rebreather diving safer and simpler.The SofnoDive is designed to fit the Mk VI only, but Molecular productsis considering other possible units for future development.


New Neoprene Wrist Strap for Diving and SnorkelingLeashtec unveiled a new easy to use light weight wrist strap designedspecifically for underwater camera use. Useful for flashlights andother lightweight attachments, the DiveLeash is especially convenientfor digital cameras and camcorders because of its quickreleaseattachment.The DiveLeash is soft and comfortable and extremely sturdy and securefor its simple design. The current model is designed for consumerelectonics and attachments, but Leashtec is examining the possibilityof more industrial applications.

Smart Coil

Innovative Scuba Concepts unveils several new productsThe Smart Coil is a new and improved “snappy coil”, and is offered withoffered with 4 or 5 different connector possibilities. By removing thewebbing and connecting the coils directly to the quick release plastic,the common and easily recognized attachment holder is now 4-5 inchesshorter. By bringing the gear closer to the diver’s body, the lowerprofile is more streamlined and more ecologically friendly.Two new travel/compact tool kits were introduced. One is geared towardsthe diver and is intended for retail sale, and the other is moresuitable for the instructor or divemaster, and has many of the toolsthat a pro would need in the field to save the day.


The DAVA (Diver Audio Visual Aid) is a revolutionary electronic devicethat will help divers and their buddies more easily monitor air supplyat a glance. A blessing for guides and divemasters, the DAVA shows andindication of amber at 1800psi, red at 1000psi, and flashes at 500psi.Designed with a lower brightness night mode, the DAVA is still ininitial production, and is expected to reach the market by the end ofQ2 and will retail for $75.


Oceanic worldwide unveils the Aeris F10DeeperBlue had the pleasure of speaking with freediving icon MartinStepanek and Oceanic representative Doug Kraus about this newfreediving wrist computer.A new computer specifically designed for free diving and “not just adive computer in guage mode”, the F10 offers a variety of features notfound on any other watch style computer.According to Stepanek, “everyone has a freediving product, but nobody’slistening to freedivers.”

TheF10 is Aeris’ response.The F10 offers a selection of multiple alarms: elapsed time,programmable depth interval and time interval, elapsed time, and threeprogrammable alarms. The distinct alarms are critical according toStepanek so that the diver need not “waste energy looking at a gauge tosee what’s going on.”The F10 offers a variety of other unique features,including setablesurface interval, and a dual mode which allows a safety diver todescend while continuing to track a buddy’s bottom time.Oceanic expects to have this availabile in time for the holidays, withan estimated $419 pricetag. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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