Dive Ninjas Announced As New Dolphin Ally

dolphin portrait detail of eye while looking at you from ocean
dolphin portrait detail of eye while looking at you from ocean

Dive Ninja Expeditions has become the latest member of the Ally for Dolphins initiative.

The scheme aims to promote eco-conscious tourism in Baja Mexico and seeks to end the practice of having wild dolphins in captivity in Mexico. Currently, there are over 40 aquariums featuring dolphins in Mexico alone. While many are owned under the guise of research and conservation, they are also there for entertainment at the expense of captive wild animals.

According to Ninja Dive Expeditions Instructor Ellen:

“I have personally seen passionate ocean-lovers unknowingly book ‘whale-watching eco-tours’ with a company that also offers swimming with captive dolphins. There is no transparency, and too many options. We are happy to be a part of a solution to this problem, so that consumers can more easily choose an operation with practices that align with their own beliefs and principles.”

Hopefully, in the long run, more and more operators will join the “Empty Tank” initiatives, and eventually, through education and awareness, we will have empty tanks.

You can find out more about Empty The Tanks here, and more information about Dive Ninjas Expeditions here.