Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Enhancements Announced For The 2022 ECO PRO Course


Sea Experience has announced enhancements and additions to its 2022 ECO PRO course at this year’s DEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The six-day ECO PRO course, which focuses on sustainable dive tourism, will receive two new additions in 2022. One of the additions is “Cities Under the Sea: An Introduction to Coral Reef Ecology.”

The new course can be taught online, which can greatly speed up its implementation and means the course can have an even broader scope beyond what is typically taught on a typical dive specialty course.

Commenting on the additions, Dr. Alex Brylske, the president of Ocean Education International who created the course in 2019 as Sea Experience Director of Education, stated:

“As it’s now common for the academic portion of dive training to take place online, this foray into teaching divers about coral reefs is just another example of how technology is changing diver education… And with this comprehensive 17-lesson program we’re proud to take the next step in online learning by teaching marine science at a level well beyond the typical specialty course. One new addition to ECO PRO for 2022 is an online course component called, Cities Under the Sea: An Introduction to Coral Reef Ecology.”

On the success of the course so far, he added:

“We’re especially proud that data collected by our students will contribute to the planet’s largest database on reef fishes, which is now used extensively by marine scientists and resource managers throughout the world.”

You can pop by booth #529 to learn more about Sea Experience and its career development programs. You can also sign up for the “Cities Under the Sea” online course for no charge when visiting the booth.

You can find out more about Ocean Education International here or check out the video below.

Sam Helmy
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