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Review: Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0


I needed a light multi-purpose wetsuit for a freediving course I’d be teaching in Belize.  I wanted sun coverage, streamline (no rash-guards or nylon-out), a little more insulation than my usual training suit – an Aqua Sphere Aquaskin – but not so much buoyancy that I’d have to add weight to use it for pool sessions back home.

The Aquaskin V1 in action.
The Aquaskin V1 in action.

My search was not bearing fruit and I was pretty much resigned to spending more than I wanted for a suit that would probably be of little use beyond the trip.

While I was at it I decided to check prices on my current training suit.  I didn’t need another one, but sometimes I buy an extra if I find a really good deal.

I’ve been using Aqua Sphere Aquaskins for pool work for a number of years. They are low buoyancy, hydrodynamic and inexpensive.  Pools are rough on wetsuits and experience has taught me that paying more does not make them last any longer. I was surprised when my price search revealed the Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 – a new version of my training suit that looked like exactly what I wanted.  Good timing!

2018 and v2.0 Aquaskin
2018 and v2.0 Aquaskin

Some of the changes that make this suit appealing:

  • Stitched AND glued seams – Seams in the previous model are pass-through stitched only
  • Yamamoto 38 Neoprene (1.5 mil) – softer, more durable and .5mil thicker
  • Reinforced zipper and better neck seal
  • silicone strip cuff seals at wrists and ankles
  • Double-side nylon panels in the armpits – reinforcing the most vulnerable area of a wetsuit.
  • Much less expensive than most of the competition.

Interior detail of the leg cuff
Interior detail of the leg cuff

First Impressions

The 2.0 is a complete revision of the Aqua Sphere Swim Skin and a major upgrade in both materials and design.  Fit and finish show well-thought-out attention to detail – making the Aquaskin 2.0 comparable with suits costing much more.

Nice quality back zipper, interior lining, and stitching
Nice quality back zipper, interior lining, and stitching

Field Test

For its maiden voyage, I brought the suit to Belize (in my carry-on, along with my mask and snorkel of course – because you never know).

The v2.0 fits me better than the old version and most other zip-up-the-back suits I’ve tried. The new interior nylon (Aqua colored because; ‘AQUA’ Sphere…get it?) slid on easily, even in the intense humidity at sea off the Belize coast.

Aqua Skin 2.0 on the way up - Quite probably the first wetsuit (containing the first free diver) to plumb the depths of that little blue hole.
Aquaskin 2.0 on the way up – quite probably the first wetsuit (containing the first free diver) to plumb the depths of that little blue hole.

I found the Aquaskin 2.0 comfortable, low-drag and not overly buoyant. In the ocean, a 5lb (2.2kg) neck weight made me neutral right around 45 feet (14 meters) on full lungs.  Back home in the pool, it requires no changes in weighting compared to my old suit – a slight exhale being sufficient to compensate for the minimal increase in buoyancy during slow swims.

As with every zip-up-the-back suit I’ve used, there is mild flushing along the zipper during sprints – though less than the previous model due to an improved neck seal and zipper. It lacks the inner sleeve and self-draining zipper of high-end suits like the Orca Breathe, but at a fraction of the cost, there is not much to complain about.


The Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 is a great training/competition/warm water suit at an appealing price.  Well designed, excellent materials, nicely cut and cool looking.

At 73 inches/1.85m and 165lbs/75kg, I generally have a hard time fitting off-the-shelf-suits, but the Swim Skin 2.0 fits me well  – probably due to the soft neoprene enabling a leaner cut.

I plan to use it on any other warm water ventures that come up, as well as for pool and summer open water training in some of our inland lakes – where sealed seams and slightly thicker neoprene will make it a more viable option than the old model.


  • Thermo-Guard technology provides warmth
  • 1.5 mm Glide Skin neoprene offers increased speed and freedom of movement in water due to a low drag coefficient with max flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs, and chest
  • Treated with DuraGlide hydrophobic coating
  • Double-lock Collar offers maximum comfort while keeping water out
  • Special panels under the arm and crotch to prevent chafing and provide added comfort
  • Easy-pull, deep back zipper for easy on and off
  • Available in Men’s and Women’s Full Suit, Shortie, and separate Top & Bottoms

Price (MRRP)

  • Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 Full Suit: $169.99
  • Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 Shortie: $124.99
  • Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 Top: $64.99
  • Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 Shorts: $109.99

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Value For Money


With the V2.0 Aqua Sphere has substantially upgraded its Aqua Skin line.  These suits combine quality construction and materials with practical and stylish design at a great price, making them an excellent choice for pool training and warm open water.
Review: Aqua Sphere Aquaskin 2.0 3
Christopher Moreyhttp://www.michiganfreediving.com
Christopher Morey has been free diving since age nine. He has trained with Eric Fattah, Emma Farrell and Will Trubridge and is a RAID advanced instructor and Master Freediver. He lives in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife, son, three monofins and seven (7) Spheras.



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