Gannet Dive Company Launches Innovative Spearfishing Line at DEMA

Gannet Dive Company is the newest player in the tribalist-turned-engineer gear built for the freediver and spearfisher that knows a difference line. Company co-owner Garo Hachigian, a longtime hunter and free diver, has turned his attention from fine-detailed custom furniture, wood crafting, and interior engineering to crafting and instilling that love toward building a line of spearguns and freediving accessories.

Crafted from custom adapted materials and reclaimed rare woods, the guns show his care and love for the sport with the technical advances his engineer eye can bring. Gannet has adapted a stainless steel material from commercial marine applications that is twice as resistance to corrosion and damage as the usual marine grade stainless. The guns are sleek and the attention to details show.

The innovation is not just limited to guns, even the float lines and accessories show the “better by design quest” Hachigian and his partner Kirby Moorejohn have pursued in their exquisitely “MADE IN THE USA” product line.

Grant W. Graves

Gannet Logo

Gannet Garo and Summer