Hammerhead Spearguns Scores Again: The NaKOA Open Track Spearguns

L-R Kevin Sakuda shows the NaKOA to Shaun Murphy and Warren Murray from Kailua, Hawaii.

Hammerhead Spearguns has scored again with their newest addition to their successful lineup of bluewater guns for spearos. Hammerhead founder Kevin Sakuda shared the new products with DeeperBlue.com at the 2018 DEMA show.

The NaKOA Open Track has two distinctive models: an American Open Track design and an European Open Track design sized for metric spear shafts.

Both models are made from handcrafted Teak and are light, powerful 3-band guns. They feature Reverse Drop-in mechanisms, laminated hand-routed barrels, interchangeable AR-15 handle/grips and are custom made in Hawaii, USA.

Offered in 45″ (114cm), 50″ (127cm), 55″ (140cm) and 60″ (152cm) lengths, these powerful and accurate guns can ring in the biggest bluewater species.

Prices are comparable to their other similar length woodies: The 45″ models retail for US$589 (~516 Euros), the 50″ models are $600 (~526 Euros), the 55″ is $629 (~551 Euros) and the hard-hitting 60″ guns retail for $649 (~569 Euros).

These, and all the Hammerhead products can be found at hammerheadwebstore.com.