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Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

JBL Spearguns' prototype "Roller Pole Spear" at DEMA Show 2019

JBL Spearguns Developing New ‘Roller’ Pole Spear

DeeperBlue.com this past week got a chance to peek at a prototype pole spear JBL Spearguns is developing.
Hammerhead Spearguns at DEMA Show 2019

Hammerhead Spearguns and Freediving Gear for Lady Spearos

Kevin Sakuda, founder of Hammerhead Spearguns, was at DEMA Show 2019 showing off some of his carbon fins and GoPro masks in new colors, as well as some new spearguns and wetsuits for discerning lady spearos.
Evolve Kill Bag

Evolve USA Brings The BIG Size To Insulated Kill Bags

The EVO Kill Bags are hand-made with leak-proof, heavy-duty, fiber-laced reinforced skins, heat-sealed construction and no stitching that could get blood soaked, and will keep your boat clean.
Neptonics Unveils New 'Load Assist'

Neptonics Unveils New ‘Load Assist’

Neptonics' Load Assist is a great accessory for loading roller guns, long spearguns, or for spearos with shoulder injuries.
Neptonics Unveils Double Roller Speargun

Neptonics Unveils Double Roller Speargun

Neptonics recently announced that its newest speargun, the Double Roller, is now in stock.
Neptonics Filletting Knife

Neptonics Introduces The Bubba Blade Electric Fillet Knife

Landed your fish and ready to fillet it for dinner? You might want to check out Neptonics' new Bubba Blade Electric Fillet Knife.
spearfisher swims on the surface of the sea before diving

Palapas Ventana Will Host A Spearfishing Clinic This Fall

Palapas Ventana has announced a spearfishing clinic taking place this fall in Baja, Mexico.
2020 Edition Of Terry Maas' 'Blue Water Hunting and Freediving' Book Now Available

2020 Edition Of Terry Maas’ ‘Blue Water Hunting and Freediving’ Book Now Available

If you're an avid fan of spearfisherman Terry Maas, you'll want to check out the latest edition of his "Blue Water Hunting and Freediving" book.
Unique Spearo Competition Promoting Good Cooking, Ocean Conservation

Unique Spearo Competition Promotes Good Cooking, Ocean Conservation

Are you a spearo that likes to come up with different ways of cooking the fish you've speared? Well, a new competition scheduled for this coming November in Monterey, California aims to do just that.
Kimi Werner Teaches Gordon Ramsay How To Spearfish

Kimi Werner Teaches Chef Gordon Ramsay How To Spearfish

As part of his "Uncharted" TV series on National Geographic, chef Gordon Ramsay went to Hawaii to discover the secrets of that archipelago's cuisine, and along the way learned to spearfish from Kimi Werner.
Neptonics has introduced its new Pargo tough booties.

Check Out Neptonics’ New Pargo Tough Booties

Neptonics has introduced its new Pargo tough booties.
Offshore Jack Up Rig in The Middle of The Sea at Sunset

Lucky To Be Alive

Providing proper safety whilst Spearfishing as a group is important.
Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament To Be Held In September 2016

Early Registration For 2019 Triton X Spearfishing Tournament Ends This Week

If you're a spearo living on the U.S. West Coast, don't forget that early registration for the 2019 edition of the Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament closes July 31st.
2019 Blue Water World Cup

2019 Blue Water World Cup Underway

The 2019 Blue Water World Cup spearfishing tournament, hosted by Palapas Ventana in Baja California, is underway with competitors coming up with striped marlin, wahoo and amberjack, among other fish.
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