Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Spain Takes Team, Individual Golds At CMAS Spearfishing World Championship

Spain took top team and individual honors this past weekend at the 2023 CMAS Spearfishing World Championship in Laredo, Cantabria, Spain.

CMAS Spearfishing World Championship Starts Today

The CMAS 2023 Spearfishing World Championship kicks off today in Laredo, Cantabria, Spain.

JBL Spearguns Introduces Gamma Grip Tape

JBL Spearguns has announced the introduction of the company's new self-fusing Gamma Grip tape.

JBL Spearguns Unveil New ‘A.I.’ Composite Fin Blades

The folks at JBL Spearguns this week introduced what the company calls their new line of "A.I. inspired composite fin blades."

Join The Neptonics Spearfishing Experience At Florida Middlegrounds

Neptonics has announced its latest one day spearfishing experience to the Florida Middlegrounds.

FLORENCE, RIFFE Debut New Spearo-Focused Clothing Brand Collection

Clothing brand FLORENCE and spearfishing company RIFFE International have debuted their new clothing collaboration.

2023 Underwater Target Shooting Competition Starts Today

The International Underwater Target Shooting Open begins today in Normandy, France at the Caen la Mer swimming pool.

New Spearfishing Gear Provider Drophog Hits The Market

A new face in the spearfishing space has arrived. Drophog aims to create equipment to enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts, including spearfishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Sustainable Sea Food Cookbook Coming This Spring

A new sustainable cookbook by acclaimed spear fisherwoman and ocean evangelist Valentine Thomas is set for release on May 16, 2023.

JBL Spearguns Unveils New Bands Featuring ‘Compound X’

The folks at JBL Spearguns have unveiled a new speargun band made with a proprietary elastic formula in it which the company calls "Compound X."

Blue Water World Cup Offering 10% Discount On Entry Fee in February

Organizers of the 2023 Blue Water World Cup spearfishing tournament this coming July are offering a 10% discount on the entry fee during the month of February.

JBL Spearguns Unveils Vertigo V3 Wetsuit

JBL Spearguns has announced the introduction of the new Vertigo V3 freedive wetsuit.

JBL Spearguns Holding ‘Cyber Week’ Sale

The folks at JBL Spearguns are holding their annual "Cyber Week Sale" on all of their spearfishing gear.

Lionfish Central Announces 5 New Educational Projects

Lionfish are plaguing coral reefs around the globe. Because of the vital threat these creatures bring to our oceans, more organizations are forming to sound the alarm.