Huish Outdoors Recalls Zeagle Sport BCDs

Zeagle Sport BCD Recalled
Zeagle Sport BCD Recalled

Huish Outdoors has announced a recall of its line of Zeagle Sport BCDs after the company discovered a problem with the power inflator attached to the units.

The buttons on the unit are liable to break, causing the unit to deflate rapidly, or auto inflate. Huish advises divers to immediately stop using their BCD, and return the faulty units to receive a free replacement.

The recall affects several models of the Zeagle Sport BCD including:

  • Sport Base.
  • Sport Resort.
  • Sport Base Plus.
  • Sport Resort Plus.
  • Sport Focus.

All the BCDs affected by the recall were manufactured in Vietnam; you can identify if your BCD is subject to the recall by its serial number, which can be found on the inside of the BCD pocket. All the following serial numbers are subject to the recall:

  • 620150000 – 620150800.
  • 2016035830 – 2016034676.
  • 2015114475 – 2015112942.
  • 2015092740 – 2015091746.
  • 2015081625 – 2015080921.
  • 1030062 – 1030001.
  • 1012775 – 1012051.
  • 1011765 – 1010001.

You can contact Zeagle online here or call toll free from more information at +1-888-270-8595.