Ikelite has announced that the new Sony A7 III is compatible with its 200DL housing, which also fits the Sony A7R III and the A9.

The housing includes the following features:

  • Depth rated to 60m/200ft.
  • Tough DL (Dry Lock) lens port system.
  • Integrated vacuum valve.
  • Optional TTL strobe exposure, as well as integrated flash bulkhead.

The housing is ergonomically designed and has soft touch controls, as well as the ability to access all the necessary camera controls and functions. The housing is made from stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum and ABS-PC plastic, which gives it a rugged, corrosion-proof construction.

The 200DL retails for US$1,695/€1,430/£1,195.

Find out more about the Ikelite 200DL here.

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