Just because World War II ended well over half a century ago doesn’t mean all the bombs made during those days are accounted for.

Heck, remember last week’s story about military divers finding sea mines off the coast of Lithuania?

Well, military divers from New Zealand, Canada, the U.K. and Australia recently found over 50 unexploded bombs off the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific as part of Operation Render Safe, an exercise that lasted about three weeks.

Lt. Commander Muzz Kennett, captain of the New Zealand naval ship Manawanui, told Radio New Zealand:

“We have found 250 pound bombs and smaller ordnance – one village we found up to 52 pieces of ordnance that we removed and detonated some explosives to get rid of them. It’s working really well, we have been busy, and in the last five days we have got rid of approximately 400 pounds of ordnance.”

For more info and pictures, check out the Radio New Zealand story at www.radio.co.nz.

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