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Leisurewear for the Dive Enthusiast in All of Us

Denver—Sharks, angel fish, and sea turtles are among the vivid sea creatures adorning the latest designs from Eagle Ray Sportswear. This Denver-based international apparel company just released its two latest collectible denim jacket designs in Hawaii and Roatan, Honduras.

"Whale Shark" and "Sea Turtle" are high quality denim jackets embroidered with original, fine artwork designs, inspired by the locations they represent. For example, a whale shark adorns the Roatan (Bay Islands, Honduras) jacket and the Hawaii jacket includes Hawaiian flowers, a sea turtle and diver. A Cozumel jacket will debut at the dive industry trade show "Beneath the Sea" in Secaucus, N.J on March 28. More are planned for 2003.

In addition to offering dive-inspired leisure apparel to customers on its website, Eagle Ray Sportswear provides programs for dive shops and resorts to purchase promotional apparel embroidered with their names.

The company works with its clients to create distinctive apparel that provides marketing benefits without the cost of maintaining expensive inventory. "So far we’ve put in orders for three dive trips and plan to do more," said Dave Martinache, owner of Colorado Scuba Center ( "Our customers love the designs and it enhances our marketing efforts to offer a unique shirt for all trip participants. High quality sportswear helps shops like mine attract new customers. Look at what the golf shirt has done for the golf industry!" Martinache added.

A certified SSI and advanced PADI diver with more than ten years of diving experience, Peg Reinhart’s passion for diving and love of the underwater world inspired her to start the company. Reinhart created Eagle Ray Sportswear because she saw a need for quality, collectible, souvenir apparel for scuba divers, as well as snorkelers. "Divers and snorkelers visit exotic locations. I wanted to give them something special that they can collect to remember their vacations," said Reinhart. "For such an adventurous sport, they deserve something unique," Reinhart added.

Eagle Ray Sportswear is a leading provider of apparel for the dive/snorkeling industry. For more information, visit

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