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The New SeaVision?? Sea IV??? Mask ??? It???s Explosive!

The new Sea IV mask from SeaVision represents the latest in underwater vision technology from SeaVision, the worldwide leader in custom optics for scuba diving masks and underwater vision enhancement.

Unveiled to the dive industry in early February, the Sea IV is the first mask from SeaVision to deliver clear and enhanced vision options in a four window mask.

Designed to provide an optimal distribution of light from all angles, the Sea IV has a sleek and stylish design. Divers will enjoy the comfortable soft black skirt, a popular SeaVision feature. The durable, impact resistance material delivers long-life, together with exceptional performance.

The SeaIV is available is three lens options. These include the popular SeaVision magenta color-correcting filter, MaxVision yellow filter that is used for light enhancement or the standard clear lens for all types of water conditions. Like all SeaVision products, the Sea IV can be customized with single lens or bi-focal custom prescriptions to provide the best vision correction currently available in any dive-related product on the market today.

“Divers have always asked us for products that make their diving experience better and more comfortable. The Sea IV delivers in a big, almost explosive way,” says SeaVision Vice President of Marketing, Alan Smith. “All of popular SeaVision features like color and light enhancement, vision correction and ultimate comfort are all there with this new product.”

Smith said that like all other SeaVision masks, divers with prescription needs for vision correction can order custom Sea IV masks with confidence. SeaVision is the only company in the world with a custom lens laboratory on-site that enables true custom prescriptions and mask customization with every order.

The Sea IV mask joins an impressive mask line that includes the original SeaVision 2000, 2200 Ultra, TransVision 5000, SeaShadow 2500, and the recently unveiled model CH 6000, Chameleon “Complete Vision System”. Like the Sea IV, all of these models can be made with magenta color correcting or yellow light enhancing filters. Each may also be customized with a purge for a nominal addition cost.

The Sea IV has a suggested retail price of $106.95 and comes in a sturdy custom carry case along with specialized developed lens cleaner/defog package. Custom single vision prescriptions are available in the Sea IV at $199.95, while custom bi-focals are available for $231.95.

For more information, contact your local SeaVision dealer or call 800-732-6275.

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