Liberty Rebreather Sidemount Demo Day With Becky Kagan Schott

Becky Schott diving LIberty Rebreather Sidemount
Becky Schott diving with a LIberty Rebreather Sidemount

Becky Kagan Schott will be hosting a Liberty Rebreather Sidemount demo day at Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania this weekend.

The demo day will start with an “Introduction to the Rebreather” seminar, where Becky will go through CCR diving in general, and how things work, as well as running participants through the unique points of the Liberty Sidemount unit.

Afterward, there will be a one on one in-water session, where participants get to experience first-hand the joys of rebreather diving. To take part in the demo day you do not have to be a CCR diver, but you do have to have an Open Circuit Sidemount certification.

The demo day will cost US$100/~£77 /~€90 and includes lunch. The fee will be refunded if you opt to purchase a unit from Liquid Productions.

You can email for event information here.