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Mozambique’s Northeast Coast Transformed By New Dive Resort


A new luxury dive resort and eco-tourism destination is set to transform the northeast coast of Mozambique.

The new resort is set to open in July 2022 on the Ilha do Fogo, which was once ravaged by poachers.

Not only has the recently established anti-poaching unit seen the end of the poachers, but the utmost care has been taken to ensure the construction and operation of the new resort maintains the integrity of the island habitat. Steps taken include using innovative techniques that mean buildings float above the ground, reducing their environmental impact. Additionally, each building will have solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system using sun domes.

Ilha do Fogo offers over 150km/93 miles of pristine diving reefs around the island and features 450 species of coral and marine life, including a turtle nesting site.

According to Jan van Deventer, the COO of Fire Island Conservation:

“Tourists will have the opportunity to help us to identify the fauna around the island’s unexplored reef. It is a highly unique, exclusive, bucket-list dive trip, for any marine life enthusiast. Of course, our sustainability ethos is carved into everything we do, and our goal is to connect our guests to nature, while protecting our environment.”

 You can find out more about the resort here, and more about Fire Island Conservation here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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