Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New Human Diver Course Announced


Diver and human factors expert Gareth Lock has announced the release of a new course from The Human Diver, called “Learning from Unintended Outcomes,” which focuses on learning, not blaming, when it comes to incidents, accidents and near-misses in the diving domain.

The course focuses on location rationality and context, ultimately determining “how it made sense for those involved to do that they did.” Despite what some might think, no diver plans to end up with an injury, death, or damaged materiel during a dive, and therefore understanding more than what just happened in the previous few hours or day is key to ensuring continued safety in diving, according to Lock.

The course can be run in either a virtual format or face-to-face and provides three hours of pre-learning to ensure the core concepts are known before 16+ hours of engaging sessions bring the theory to life with case studies and critical thinking and reflection.

The virtual class runs over five days of 3.5-hour sessions and the face-to-face class is run over two eight-hour days. The first virtual course is scheduled to start on May 16th 2022, 17:00-20:30 UK time with the first face-to-face meeting happening the following May 21-22 in Cirencester, UK. Both courses are limited to six attendees.

For more information about the course and how to book go to thehumandiver.com.


John Liang
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