Monday, July 22, 2024

New Quibi Series ‘Ten Ton Chum’ Announced


(Editor’s Note: On Wednesday 21st October the Wall Street Journal reported that Quibi would be shut down.)

Quibi has announced that it has given the green light for a new series hosted by actress Michelle Rodriguez.

The new series has a working title, “Ten Ton Chum,” and will be produced by MAK Pictures. It sets out to explore some of the ocean’s more mysterious ecosystems.

As part of the production, Quibi is taking part in a scientific first, to create the largest controlled feeding frenzy in the ocean. To achieve this impressive feat, the company is engineering an enormous 10 ton/20,000 lbs chum ball. If that were not impressive enough, the ball would actually be built around a shark cage so divers will be able to view and film the action from inside the cage.

Michelle Rodriguez (self credit)
Michelle Rodriguez (self credit)

Showing her dedication to the project and the environment, it is planned that star and host Rodriguez will also be inside the cage. Eventually, after capturing footage in the relative shallows, the ball will detach from the cage and commence its journey to the depth of the ocean, with filming continuing along the way.

You can download the Quibi app here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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