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Scuba DivingNorthwest Dive News Invites Partners for 2nd Annual NW Treasure Hunt

Northwest Dive News Invites Partners for 2nd Annual NW Treasure Hunt


The most exciting scuba diving event in the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Treasure Hunt will be held at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington on May 1, 2004.

A collaborative effort between Northwest Dive News (NWDN) and several regional dive businesses this event features 40 eye-catching consumer display booths combined with an exciting underwater Treasure Hunt where divers win a variety of terrific prizes.

This year we expect to attract more than 400 divers and 1000 visitors from Washington, nearby British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Northwest Dive News invites industry professionals from around the world to showcase their products at this extraordinary event. Each sponsor will receive a profile of each prize donated in an upcoming edition of NWDN.

Northwest Dive News, the Pacific Northwest’s Scuba Diving Magazine, in its ninth year, is creating a sense of community and an atmosphere of success within the Northwest diving population while helping to expand the sport. NWDN Publisher, Rick Stratton, says "Our mission is to promote our sport. We do that by producing a quality magazine divers want to read and distributing to divers and non-diver throughout the Pacific Northwest."

NWDN is currently distributed at over 2000 locations with 20,000-25,000 copies distributed each month, including all scuba diving retailers from Alaska to Mexico on the USA West Coast, with an estimated readership of more than 50,000 monthly. Their website, gets more than 20,000 downloads each month.

The US West Coast is an important player in the Pacific Rim economy. More than 50 million people, including an estimated 500,000 certified divers, live and work on the West Coast. Each year these people spend millions on dive equipment and dive travel. More than 15,000 new divers are certified annually in the Pacific Northwest alone.


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