Released earlier this year, the Oceanic Geo 4.0 dive computer has a fresh sporty look, features a larger screen with crisp digits on this watch-style computer and is a part of the new family of Bluetooth dive computers that make dive planning easier.

Oceanic released three new computers this year which all feature Bluetooth 4.0. This allows the computer to link to a smartphone. Through the DiverLog+ app, you can transmit your dive information, change all your settings, alter gas mixes, set alarms and then wirelessly upload all the changes to the computer so you don’t have to scroll through settings using the buttons on the device. You may also switch to your preferred algorithm with Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm and dive the model that is best for you without comprising safety, whether it’s DSAT or Pelagic Z+.

The new range of computers — ProPlus 4.0, Geo 4.0 and Veo 4.0 — are the latest editions to the Oceanic family that allow for the convenience of connecting their smartphone using Bluetooth technology and the DiverLog+ app.

You can share you logs with friends, email the dive profiles and store all your log information at your fingertips. This cool feature is available across the three new computer that Oceanic have released this year.

You can personalize the Geo 4.0 with a choice of five color straps by using the fast release mechanism, choosing from Black, White, Blue, Yellow and Sea Blue.

Oceanic's dive computers at DEMA Show 2019
Oceanic’s dive computers at DEMA Show 2019

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