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Pro Dive International Cozumel at DEMA Show 2019 had the opportunity to talk with the Pro Dive International team members at DEMA Show, and learn more about their PADI 5 Star Resorts and what they have planned for 2020 They are recognized as a first class operator, providing service to 12 all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and two in the Dominican Republic.

Pro Dive was established in 2003, and have been expanding and hold a trusted reputation in Latin America, and around the world.

During the show they are showcasing their DEMA Group Specials for divers planning their next adventure. For those that want to find out more information on the trips offered, packages, and logistics, you can visit

In addition to show specials, they were very excited to tell us more about the Cozumel Reef Lovers Festival coming soon! Their goal is to organize an event dedicated to the conservation of our marine environment. The festival will feature local workshops, art galleries, photography, and diving. Pro Dive is also seeking celebrity speakers to join.

If you would like to participate in the festival and learn more information, visit their website or one of their Facebook pages, @allegrocozmel @prodiveinternational @occidentalcozumel.

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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