If you’re an underwater photo aficionado, there can never be too many underwater photography contests, can there?

To that end, Oceanographic Magazine recently announced it will be launching the Ocean Photography Awards.

The Awards will bring together all ocean-goers to celebrate the beauty of our blue planet and highlight the many challenges it faces.

The Awards were soft-launched at last week’s BOOT Trade Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. The official launch of the the Ocean Photography Awards will take place in March of this year, with winners announced in August, followed by a public exhibition.

The awards are being done in partnership with SeaLegacy and supported by Princess Yachts.

Judges announced so far include Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittemeier, Shawn Heinrichs, Paul Hilton, Andy Mann, John Weller and Luciano Candisani.

For more info, go to oceanographicmagazine.com or @ocean_photography_awards on Instagram.

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