Tekdeep UK has announced its annual technical diving trip to Malin Head, Ireland, for some of the best wreck diving in Europe, with a vast array of ships and U-boats available to explore.

The 2020 trip will take place in August, and Tekdeep UK will use the boat the Laura Dean from the Mevagh Diving Centre.

The trip is expected to cost €750/~$831/~£640 excluding accommodation, and a fuel surcharge for the more outlying wrecks. Some of the highlights of the wrecks at Malin Head include:

  • SS Carthaginian at a depth of 58 m/190 ft.
  • SS Empire Heritage at a depth of 66 m/216 ft.
  • HMS Audacious at a depth of 64 m/222 ft.
  • RMS Justicia at a depth of 72 metres/236 ft.
  • SS Athenia at a depth of 60 m/196 ft.
  • SS Laurentic at a depth of 42 m/137ft.
  • U-89 at a depth of 62 m/204 ft.
  • U-2511 at a depth of 67 m/ 219ft.

You can find out more information here.

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