The folks organizing the Freediving World Series have released more details about how it will be run.

A PDF document outlining the rules and organization of the Freediving World Series has been released. It “provides detailed information on [the] Freediving World Series Event Format and Scoring system to be used in selecting, organizing and measuring the performances of Athletes participating in the 2020 Freediving World Series.

The Freediving World Series is a joint venture project between Vertical Blue and the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). Organizers also hope to have AIDA International join them eventually.

The competition will start off in May with the Caribbean Cup in Honduras, followed by Vertical Blue in the Bahamas in June, then Kalamata, Greece in September, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in November and Panglao, Phillipines the following March of 2021.

Regarding the event formats, according to the document:

“For the year 2020, all individual events of the FWS will have one general format, except for Vertical Blue, which will retain the format it has used in previous years.

“For the coming years the FWS Organizational Committee reserves the possibility to change and improve the actual proposed format of any or all of the competitions.”

To download the PDF, go to the CMAS Freediving International Facebook page.

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