Most divers know that without sharks, everything falls apart. We are among the most vocal and passionate advocates for their conservation, often failing to find the words to explain why they’re not frightening, they’re fascinating. Well, Shark Angels gets it.

Their mission is to change the outcomes for sharks by changing the hearts of humans. Using media, educational programs, interactive experiences and direct action, they mobilize whatever tools they can toward that aim. Their Skype in the Classroom program enables them to reach students all over the world, promoting ocean appreciation and shark conservation to children and adults alike, free of charge. They take it a fin further with shark diving experiences that can win over wary divers, and teach enthusiasts to be careful and think critically in their interactions with sharks.

Shark Angels use viral videos and positive media campaigns to reform the reputation of sharks, and to educate people about the impact of using products that require shark parts in their ingredients. And when direct action is called for, Shark Angels have helped enforce existing protections and even gone undercover to gather evidence for the prosecution of shark traffickers.

If you’d like to help, visit their website and find out what action you can take to further the fight to protect our sharks. If your preferred method of support is monetary, you can adopt a shark for US$55/£43/€50 or check out their merch shop to find some Shark Angels gear. The first step toward earning your wings is taking the Shark Angel’s Pledge. From there, the deep’s the limit.

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