Monday, July 22, 2024

Shearwater Research Unveils Two New Computers At DEMA Show


The latest two computers in the Shearwater Research stable were unveiled at the 2023 DEMA Show in New Orleans: the Tern and Tern TX.

The new computers are the most compact devices Shearwater has ever produced, and the watch-style units feature a screen measuring 1.3”/~33mm in diameter.

The computer features an AMOLED screen that provides unparalleled visibility in either the darkest or lightest conditions. In addition, the Tern TX can be connected to up to four Swift Gas transmitters for gas monitoring across multiple cylinders. The TX also features an underwater digital compass for enhanced navigation capabilities. Both units are depth-rated to 120m/393ft.

Commenting on the new units, which are expected to begin shipping in January 2024, Shearwater Research CEO Jason Leggatt stated:

“Building upon the success of the Peregrine and borrowing features from the Teric, the Tern and Tern TX make a great addition to our product line. The Tern is an affordable option for anyone seeking a compact sport diving computer. As well, we are excited to bring transmitter-enabled computers to more divers, delivering precision gas pressure information on a brilliant display. The Tern TX is an incredible sport diving computer to those seeking a comfortable, round form. In combination with the Swift Transmitter, the Tern TX offers a world-class transmitter-enabled system at an attractive price.”

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Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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