SI TECH Introduces New ORUST Neck Seal System

ORUST Neck System
ORUST Neck System

SI TECH has announced the introduction of their updated ORUST neck seal system.

The new system is a third-generation modular system, offering a more comfortable fit and ease of seal change. The ORUST has a neck ring and lock ring made of softer material than previous models, and clips have been added to secure the seal in its position.

The new system eliminates the need of a tool to change the seal, and both the lock ring and neck seal can easily be mounted to the PU-Ring by hand. The ORUST is compatible with both latex and silicone neck seals, and can be changed in the field within minutes, so you never have to abandon a dive due to a busted neck seal.

The ORUST is very versatile and can be mounted to a large variety of different suits; you can also change the type and color of seal you are using depending on the activity you are undertaking.

The ORUST is available in five different sets — two silicone seal sets and three latex seal sets. The silicone sets come in two sizes, standard and small. The Silicone sets come in small, medium, and large.

Find out more about the ORUST neck system here.