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Spearfishing with the Spearheads — Carolina Blues

Spearfishing with the Spearheads — Carolina Blues

I got the call to go on a spearfishing trip to North Carolina, US. I’ve heard it was awesome spearfishing, but I obviously had to find out for myself! I made a call to my other SpearHeads buddies, and we jumped into a truck to make the 10-hour drive north. The air was cold, the weather was cooperating, and the water temp was bearable. Justin Baker, Nolan Sadorf, James Ferrara, and myself had a trip of a lifetime hanging out with Sam Blount of Frontline Freediving. Nolan Sadorf was behind making sure we had all of the correct camera shots and actually doing the production. As you can see, he didn’t disappoint!

The SpearHeads is a YouTube series started in South Florida. Just a group of friends that like to enjoy the awesome sport of Freedive Spearfishing. They’re lucky enough to have great camera guys and people that can compose an awesome spearfishing videos. This is Episode 13 of their spearfishing adventures around the globe.