Stream2Sea And Turtle Island Restoration Network Team Up

Stream2Sea Tinted Sunscreen
Stream2Sea Tinted Sunscreen

Stream2Sea and the Turtle Island Restoration Network have announced they are teaming up to develop an educational campaign for the network’s members.

The move is in response to the increasing awareness amongst the public of the detrimental effects many products can have on the ocean. According to the Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Todd Steiner:

“More and more people are beginning to realize that what they put on their bodies DOES make a difference. We’re finding microplastics in the Gulf of Mexico and currently urging the Maui County Council to ban the sale and use of coral-killing chemicals in sunscreen product.”

The educational campaign will include several tools such as an “Ingredients to Avoid” card, which aims to educate people about the key ingredients they need to stay clear of in their products. The network will feature a link to the Stream2Sea prodcuts page, and a portion of the sales will go to support the network in its conservation efforts.

Find out more about the Turtle Island Restoration Network here and Stream2Sea here.