PADI has thrown its support behind the Salt Life/USS Clamagore (ARI) Artificial Reef Project.

The project aims to take the Cold War-era submarine USS Clamagore from its current location in Patriots Point, Charleston, South Carolina and then turn it into an artificial reef off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

The project is being supervised by CRB Geological & Environmental Services, Inc., who plan to put the submarine through a vigorous cleansing and decontamination process so it can be take on its new and final mission, without having a negative impact on the environment.

According to PADI CEO and President Drew Richardson:

“We are honored to support ARI and Salt Life with this project to provide divers with a new site to explore, while simultaneously giving them a glimpse into the past and hope for the future of ocean health.”

The project is part of the Salt Life Gives Back initiative, which sees Salt Life teaming up with various organizations and partners to help protect and conserve the ocean and wildlife.

You can find out more about the USS Clamagore Artificial Reef Project here, or check out a video about the project below.

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