Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sublue Launches Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit And More


Sublue has announced the release of its Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit and WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine support handle.

Both devices bring a new dimension and experience to paddleboard users.

The Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit allows users to add one or two Whiteshark Tini engines to their board. The kits are compatible with almost 99% of paddleboards on the market today, and with the new engine in place, boards can reach a top speed of 7km/h and have a battery duration of 45 minutes. The device is perfect for moving your board between your preferred boarding locations.

The WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle allows users to integrate up to three engines and use them as one. This gives an extended run time of 150 minutes and a top speed of 2.4 m/s.

Commenting on the new releases, Ting Liu, Consumer Products CEO at Sublue, stated:

“Families or friends, especially those that travel in groups, have different ways that they prefer exploring the sea or simply enjoying a day out in the pool, and so this means tailoring aquatic technology products according to different occasions and preferences. Being aware of this, Sublue aims to deliver a more convenient, flexible and modular user experience with Whiteshark Tini and all the accessories available for this underwater engine. The Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit and WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle further expands all the ways that kids, adults, amateurs, and professionals alike can enjoy Whiteshark Tini, from paddleboarding to high-speed explorations of underwater worlds.”

You can find out more about the conversion kit here or the support handle here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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