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Dolphins And The Go Freediving Southern Red Sea Liveaboard

I was really thrilled when Go Freediving's Founder and Head Instructor - Emma Farrell - announced that the next Go Freediving liveaboard would be...

UK Freedivers Invited To GoFreediving Open Day And Summer Party

It's scorching hot in the UK at the moment and virtually everyone is trying to cool off.  Emma Farrell and her Go Freediving team...

World’s First Scientific Study On The “Perfect Breathe-up”

Professor Alison McConnell - an expert on breathing physiology who also happens to be a freediver - is on a mission.  That mission is to try...

April Go Freediving “Red Sea Freediving and Yoga” Liveaboard Prices Slashed

Emma Farrell and her Go Freediving team have announced that their Red Sea Freediving Liveaboard in April have been slashed by £200 GBP /...

RAID Freediving Brings On Board Top UK Instructor Trainer

RAID, the innovative online diving agency, has brought on Emma Farrell as one of it's Freediving Instructor Trainers.  Emma, through her company Go Freediving,...
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