Fantasy Island Resort Roatan has introduced a new advanced Fish ID specialty: the PADI Tropical Western Atlantic Advanced Fish Identification Specialty Course.

The course aims to take divers’ fish identification skills to a new level. Key features of the course include:

  • Taking fish surveys.
  • Learning how to observe fish habits and life cycles.
  • How to locate and find greater numbers of fish.
  • Identify Different phases of a fish’s life.
  • Learning to identify different species.

During the course, divers will be introduced to and will have the opportunity to take a test to earn their Level 2 Surveyor qualification. To pass the test, divers need to identify by name and species the most common fish species. Divers will then have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and work towards earning a Level 5 Surveyor rating.

The specialty is a two-dive course and was created by Fantasy Island Resort Instructor Chris Willey.

For more info, check out the Fantasy Island Resort website.

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